Preparing NodeJS and PM2

Install Node Version Manager

As www-data install NVM by using the /microcloud/scripts/

Install NodeJS

We will use NVM to install the latest Node LTS version:

source ~/.bash_profile; nvm install --lts

Install PM2

npm install -g pm2

Once the installation has completed, switch to the root user by using the su command.

As root, run the following command:

su www-data -c "source ~/.bash_profile; pm2 startup upstart 2>&1" | grep -Eo '(env.*)'

Paste the output of the command in order to install the PM2 init script - PM2 will now start on boot.

Upgrading NodeJS version/PM2

! If you upgrade the NodeJS version, you MUST re-run the pm2 install and update as below:

npm install -g pm2@latest && pm2 update

Next Steps:

Please see below for setup guides for the most common PWA apps: