Implementing SOLR

There is native support for SOLR on MageStack. But for it to function, we must first generate a SOLR core from your store configuration files.

You can have as many SOLR instances/cores as you require, MageStack will provision a core per Magento store. This way you can have a separate core for LIVE and a separate core for STAGING/DEVELOPMENT etc.

Magento Enterprise

You do not need to do anything, Magento Enterprise comes with its own set of SOLR configuration files.

Magento Community

If you are using a 3rd party extension to provide SOLR functionality, you to ensure your SOLR config files exist in ./lib/Apache/Solr/Conf

Once your configuration files are in place, you need to submit a support ticket so that we can re-build the SOLR configuration and start a new core for this domain.

Default configuration settings

The configuration settings for Magento are as follows

Host:     db1.i
Port:     8080
Path:     solr/
Username: admin

Configuration file locations

When building a SOLR core, MageStack will scan the store's document root to find the SOLR configuration files (eg. schema.xml). They are scanned in the following order (first match is used),


Custom core names

The default SOLR core name is the vhost name, however, it is sometimes desirable to customise the SOLR core name - or even have multiple SOLR cores for a single Magento installation.

Contact our support team to rename the SOLR core, or create additional SOLR cores for a single domain.