RAM Sizing

Picking the appropriate amount of RAM for the server depends mostly on the CPU selection. With MageStack, there is a direct relationship between CPU cores and memory utilisation; similarly, there is a relationship between the server role and memory utilisation (but this is more difficult to predict). Distribution On a typical, single-server set up, the … Continue reading

Internal IP addresses

You should never reference a node by IP address, as these are subject to change at any time. For your reference however, the following internal IPs are reserved. dh1.i dh2.i dh3.i dh4.i dh5.i dh6.i dh7.i ... dh20.i lb1.i memcached1.i redis1.i redis21.i www.example.com lb2.i memcached2.i redis2.i … Continue reading

Redis instances

By default, 4 instances of Redis run, to provide resilience and alternative storage methods. They are not set up to be highly available/replicated. They each are configured with 16 databases and no authentication. Host: redis1.i Port: 6379 Recommend Use: Sessions Host: redis21.i Port: 6380 Recommend Use: N/A Domain: redis11.i Port: 6379 Recommend Use: Cache Domain: … Continue reading

Memcache instances

By default, 2 instances of Memcache run, to provide independence between cache and session storage. Domain: memcached1.i Port: 11211 Domain: memcached11.i Port: 11211