Installing/Using NodeJS

MageStack natively supports NodeJS and provides an installer for Node Version Manager (NVM) to enable you to easily install and switch between NodeJS versions. ! The following should be run as the www-data user Installation Installation is as simple as running the script: /microcloud/scripts_ro/ => Downloading nvm from git to '/home/www-data/.nvm' => Cloning into '/home/www-data/.nvm'... … Continue reading

Installing the Compass SASS compiler on MageStack

MageStack comes with an auto installer for RVM, which will get you most of the way towards installing Ruby based tools. Installing RVM As root, execute the following, apt-get install bzip2 After the installation process is complete, you can drop back to an unprivileged user. As www-data, to install Ruby 2.2.4, execute the following, … Continue reading

SSH warnings when working with multiple stacks

If you have multiple separate stacks with Sonassi, you will find that connecting to different stacks and accessing SSH is going to trigger a warning, WARNING: REMOTE HOST IDENTIFICATION HAS CHANGED! This is caused by the fact all MageStack stacks use the same internal hostnames and IP addresses. So regardless of the stack you've connected … Continue reading

Purging Varnish

Varnish as a rule will maintain its own cache contents, updating the entries as necessary. As with any cache, it isn't recommended to manually clear the cache - as it will reduce its effectiveness. However, if you need to instantly clear the cache, it can be performed very easily on a per-domain basis, and per … Continue reading

Vulnerability scanner

MageStack has a built in vulnerability scanner, which performs a number of roles Detects common PHP exploits Detects Magento 3rd party module exploits Identifies potentially compromised files Identifies abnormal files Checks if all available Magento patches have been applied The scanner is automated and logs its results to the audit log, named magescan-YYYY-MM-DD.log.gz Report priorities … Continue reading

Limit/block bad bots

MageStack has native functionality to prioritise certain "good" bots (Google, Bing, Yahoo, Pingdom) and to reduce priority of "bad" third party bots (Majestic SEO, Rogerbot etc.), this is handled within the WAF itself, see DOS filter rules for more information. The default thresholds are: Type Rate Soft Warning Action Hard Warning Action Good bot Unlimited … Continue reading

Control customer registration

Sometimes, your site may fall victim to country specific attacks or SPAM bots. Discretely preventing access to customer registration on your server for a specific country is very straightforward, with a simple edit to your domain's ___general/ file. Eg. To block the country with country code aa set $bad_request "0"; if ($request_uri ~* ^/customer/account/(create(post)?|index|login)) { … Continue reading

Optimal Varnish Configuration

We know there can be some confusion in the most optimal settings for a store running Varnish, below you'll find configurations (continually updated) to reflect the most optimal configuration. Dynamic Content In ___general/, be sure to replace, lb1.i # Enable If-Modified-Since set $magestack_last_modified true; # Enable Varnish # Use to configure the include … Continue reading

MySQL Disk Utilisation

The disk utilisation log can be found in the log directory, under the respective parent server name, and dated for each day: Eg. /microcloud/logs_ro/dh1/disk-mysql-2015-08-10.log.gz It provides a breakdown of total utilsation, followed by a list of usage per database, and the largest tables within those. Eg. ********************** * Current Disk Usage * ********************** Size Used … Continue reading

Installing SSL Certificates

Purchasing If you require an SSL certificate, read this article. Installing If you have purchased an SSL certificate from Sonassi, we will take care of the installation on your behalf, from certificate signing to final installation and testing. If you are supplying your own certificate, we require the following in x509 non-passphrase encoded format, Private … Continue reading