Picking the right type of hosting

Table of Contents

  1. The 26 questions

We offer many different types of hosting to cater for small merchants, to multi-national Enterprise businesses.

Deciding where your business fits and evaluating what type of hosting you require is something we'll help you with.

The 26 questions

Just answer the following questions, and submit your answers to sales@sonassihosting.com

           Store and Catalogue

  1. Magento version?
  2. Number of simple products in catalogue?
  3. Number of categories in catalogue?
  4. Number of attributes in catalogue?
  5. Number of attribute sets in catalogue?
  6. Number of Magento store views (Admin > System > Manage Stores)?
  7. Transactions per day?
  8. Peak transactions in a single hour?

    Traffic and Bandwidth

  9. What is the level of daily unique visitors?
  10. What is the highest peak in a single hour of unique visitors?
  11. Number of page views per visitor?
  12. What country are visitors predominantly from?
  13. Do you anticipate the site traffic growing over the next 12 months, if so, by how much?
  14. Do you operate high-traffic campaigns/newsletters (that have significant uptake) on a regular basis?
  15. Does your site offer digital downloads?
  16. Current bandwidth usage?
  17. Do you require a dDOS filtering service?

    Hardware Requirements

  18. Current disk space usage?
  19. Do you require long term log storage (PCI-DSS compliance)?
  20. Do you require off-site backup storage?
  21. Do you need to run any specialist/alternative software on the server?
  22. Do your PCI compliance regulations dictate the use of a hardware firewall?
  23. Do you need a fault-tolerant, highly available or load-balanced solution?

    Staging/Development Practice

  24. Do you need a separate dedicated environment for staging/development?
  25. Do you require a “Test Live” environment to match the “Live” environment (for final pre-live testing)?


  26. Do you have a monthly budget?