Adding an FTP user

FTP User Management

Creating a new FTP user

  1. Log in and select stacks from the menu,

  2. Select the stack you want to administer,

  3. Select "FTP Accounts" from the menu on the left hand side,

    FTP Account Selection

  4. Enter a username and password in the first two fields.

  5. Select the "Write Access" drop-down and click "Read Only" if you'd like to create a user with read only access instead.

  6. Choose a document root for the new user - you can either add your own path, or select the folder drop-down icon to choose one of your vhosts:

    FTP Account Creation

  7. Select "Create FTP Account".

  8. Use the connection details shown in the yellow box to connect - these may vary depending on your stack number,

    FTP Account Confirmation

  9. Please note that you'll need to be using a VPN bundle to connect over FTP. Sonassi does not store FTP account credentials for security purposes, so please store any credentials safely.

Deleting a FTP user

  1. Select the "Delete" button next to one of your existing FTP users,

    Delete FTP User