Adding an FTP user

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Adding a FTP user is performed via SSH. Log into your acc server and switch user to root

su -l root
/microcloud/scripts_ro/ -h

There are a number of options that can be supplied to create a FTP user Usage: [-r|-l|-p] [username] [directory] [write_enable]

  username       Username (eg. media_user)
  directory      Chroot directory (eg. /microcloud/domains/)
  write_enable   Write access [yes|no]

  -c             Change password
  -r             Remove user
  -l             List users


Read only user

To create a read-only user on in the media directory only, with the username example-media

/microcloud/scripts_ro/ example-media /microcloud/domains/example/domains/ no

Write user

To create a write user on the whole document root for

/microcloud/scripts_ro/ example-main /microcloud/domains/example/domains/ yes

Change a users password

To change the password of a user called example

/microcloud/scripts_ro/ -c example