Accessing MageStack for the first time

You will need to first issue a VPN bundle from the control panel. Each user will require a bundle.

You will receive two emails (or 1 email and one SMS depending on your request); one containing a password protected ZIP bundle containing both your OpenVPN configuration file and certificate; the other containing the passphrase for the ZIP file.

Once you have your key, you will need to install the OpenVPN GUI client.

After installation, move the supplied certificate and configuration file to the OpenVPN config directory

Windows  c:\Program Files\OpenVPN\config
Linux    /etc/openvpn/

Once you have connected to the VPN, you can then SSH in to your access server with your www-data account. The root user is provided to create new users only, it should never be used as a rule.

The access server is accessible via:

IP Address:
Port: 22

! If you are using Windows Vista or above, ensure that you start OpenVPN GUI as administrator