Free Demonstration

Granting us SSH access

In order to provide a free demonstration of your store on MageStack, we need SSH access to your store.

Begin by adding this range to your firewall

Ie. - to allow SSH access.

Then add the following public key:

ssh-rsa AAAAB3NzaC1yc2EAAAADAQABAAABAQCs7dKftTwggj17sZETzscQOBFKySNuVyzcAAQZ7RiYtpDkRKN3mNMKeUM2bnTMX8bSUXItGzAtjLLXE+FgqA08+mdESjkraftLsZFpzBpdizRD/ySTddQtuWO8KPtho/Wf5Xm6gi1GeLYE1WpBBzpppX0E4oM6zr6zHyYQT6KeBrsGTmtXHEPkX+nAQcxM9u0T++6tqV4sIL0l9xyHyzHwf0LyB3V2Zklc/D0pxhu4cHzXIAEUu2Xmu8i3TyzZo50xGfpyNeGAvVcd5WxHAhWEKiQB26xG+UE2Mrl2YSJhz+eKfK74H/HM0ZSWIb4w5ho/3J+QNrJLXDcYYzjGYQ/7 www-data

Then just let us know the username and hostname we should use for demonstration.

If you are unfamiliar with the process of adding a public key, then you can supply the username and password using our secure pastebin - just pop the credentials in the pastebin and put the Decoded URL in the additional comments box.

Credentials Form