Success through the Magento Partner Program

First, I’ll introduce who we are, we are Sonassi – a web development company that for almost 4 years has specialised in developing Magento stores, providing the fastest, most reliable and stable Magento hosting in Europe and providing Magento consultative services. Amongst our peers; Blue Acorn, Inchoo, Classy Llama, Sumo Heavy and a few more; we are one of a few companies in the world who can claim to be Magento experts. We have watched the Magento community has grow rapidly over the past 4 years, with new companies adopting the platform by the day; as a very early adopter, this is great to see. What prompted this article was an email from Phil Robinson at Magento, inviting us to be part of the Magento Trusted extension program for our excellent Magento/Wordpress Integration Extension. Finally, I thought, validation of Magento extension quality and the overall improvement of Magento connect – … Continue reading

Magento Go SAAS announced

What is Magento Go Consulting, technical support, use and hosting services for the performance of e-commerce transactions; Software as a Service (SaaS) featuring computer software to allow users to perform electronic business transactions in the field of ecommerce. Attendees of Magento Imagine will be familiar with the above branding and concept, but official release isn’t quite due so information is being kept quiet for now, so we can only speculate as to its purpose. From an outsider of the Magento Imagine conference, I’ve probably taken the entirely wrong view of this or at least I certainly hope I’m wrong. Magento SAAS was inevitable If it is what we think is it, it was only a matter of time before Varien began to offer turnkey Magento solutions. But it does beg the question, what is to happen to the “paid-up” Magento hosting and Magento development partners (read members, you have to … Continue reading

What will we see in Magento 1.4 Release

Our concerns Whilst we know 1.4 will bring a much improved e-commerce platform, our only concern lies in template compatibility. Those that suffered the upgrade from 1.1 to 1.2 or 1.2 to 1.3 will have been forced to change a small portion of their template to suit the newer methods devised. The major point upgrades were never designed to facilitate an end user easily upgrading their store with 1-click methods. So, for those of us that have built highly complex template derivatives, will the option to upgrade still remain viable? Improvements * Implemented frontend templates for widgets * Added field scope hints in system admin configuration * Implemented #15031: paypal checkout allowed through PP logo while allow guest checkout is marked NO * Simplified core email template store url generation (because all this logic is correctly implemented in the core url model). Completely disallowed to render SID in emails. Moved … Continue reading

3 days until MageBenchmark goes live

Almost 8 weeks ago, we invited all Magento hosts to take part in a project we oversee. In the spirit of a little light-hearted competition, MageBenchmark ( / aims to sift the wheat from the chaff and show who can really help your Magento store boom. Fast, reliable hosting can be the key to your store’s success, but without a measure for comparison, it can be difficult to select a host. Well, MageBenchmark has filled that gap allowing hosts to promote their service, whilst being measured for performance by a non-biased third party. Monday 31st of August is the launch date and we invite you all to come and have a look for yourself.