Building a Magento store Goes something like this

 It starts with one good idea

You have got a great idea for a website, but at the moment, this idea is no more than a seed waiting to be nurtured.

Time to call team Sonassi

Before we begin any work, we need to get an idea of the scale and complexity of the project, we try to gauge this initially by asking you to fill in our technical brief template.

Time to call team Sonassi

It takes some real thinking about but it will underpin the future of how your build will go – so take your time filling it in.

 Then it starts to take shape

Estimate and schedule approved, your project can now begin. Initial deadlines will be drawn up and all parties involved will be invited to use BaseCamp, our collaborative project management software.

Making use of deadlines, to-do lists, messages and previews; we keep you aware of how the project is progressing. We split a project into 5 key areas

We give regular updates, reassuring you that your project is still on target and before we proceed past each milestone, everyone involved must agree.

On average, from wireframes to launch, it takes around 12 weeks to complete your project.

 Followed by a face to face

Now it is a case of arranging a meeting; distance usually dictates whether it is in person or over the telephone. We’ve got a really nice office and make a mean espresso – so we promise the journey will be worth it.

After sitting down with our team, we can start running through your project. We want to know about you, your business and your goals and we’re sure that you’ll probably want to learn a bit about us too. The best thing is that we’re an eloquent bunch of developers that you’ll have no trouble understanding.

A meeting allows us to go through your brief and identify potential pitfalls, recommend some ideas and ultimately come up with a rough costing and schedule for the project.

After the meeting we draw up a document highlighting low-level requirements and offer you a written quotation. Then if you are happy with it, there is good chance that we will need to meet up one more time to clarify the final elements of the build.

 And before you know it
It is time to start selling

So the site is finished, you’re happy, we’re happy and it is time to make it live. We know that the launch of your website is a tentative time, which is why we make sure we are wholly available during your first week trading.

Experience has told us that after around 4 weeks of being live (and getting plenty of customer and staff feedback), you will have some modifications/improvements to be made; so we make sure we leave open a further development window of 2 weeks for you (just in case you want to take advantage of it).

Then sit back, relax and let your store do the hard work. To help you grow your store further, we provide all the after-sales support you will ever need, have a look at our after care options.

Ready to start

Do not let distance put you off

Only 5% of our clients are within 50 miles, 60% are within the UK, 20% are within Europe and 15% are international.

Thanks to easy communication over Skype and collaborative project applications like BaseCamp, distance really isn’t an issue.

We will also help continue growth

After your build is complete, we will continue to you offer support that meets your needs, you be the judge of how much time you think you will need, and for how long.