We've turbocharged your Magento stores!

As our customers will be aware, we are in the middle of a massive system-wide upgrade, moving to an entirely new platform for performance, see www.sonassihosting.com.

But we haven't forgotten our current hostees, far from it. Over the past few days, we have been reviewing the types of stores and more importantly, the type of load generated from those stores. From this information, we were able to tweak performance by a large margin! We have been able to reduce overall system load by around 25%, whilst increasing performance by around 50%!

The downside
The increased performance has come at a marginal cost however. It has been noted that administration tasks with stores with large catalogues (import/export) can sap performance from the front end users. As a result, administration operations from Magento have been intentionally slowed down - to keep your shoppers' experience at its best!

With our new platform - we are even considering dedicating a cluster of units solely to administration tasks, so that any long-running operations will never have an effect on your customers!