Preparing for peak

The major promotional period is looming; with Black Friday, Cyber Monday, Click Frenzy and of course, the December seasonal peak - its time for store owners to start to be prepared for the increase in traffic.

I'll be preparing a series of articles for store owners/agencies/developers (with a focus on those using MageStack) on the best way they can prepare their business for peak. Whilst there are certainly a lot of articles around the internet on Magento performance and scaling, not all of them are appropriate (or in some cases, correct) - so I'm hoping to make a more appropriate series of guides to help make smart, correct decisions that are going to have an impact.

Areas of focus

In no particular order, these are the areas I feel are most important in order to be adequately prepared for peak.

New articles are going to be published with easily implemented tips and guidance that will allow you to appropriate secure your store; improve performance; measure resource utilisation with an eye to predicting how much you will need to invest in additional infrastructure (if any) and what you can change operationally to reduce the impact of your own actions on the store.

Anything you would like to know?

Use the comments below to make your own requests as to what is important for you - and I'll endeavour to produce an article (or paragraph or two) to cover it.

Otherwise ...

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