Patching SUPEE-9652

SUPEE-9652 is an important security update for Magento to address a vulnerability in Zend Framework.

Where to download

Its best downloading the patch from the download section - however, you can also use our Magento download mirror if you know the filename you need.



Applying the patch

Whilst the application of this patch is relatively straightforward, you may encounter some errors during the process due to character encoding issues in patch files and the necessity to remove pre-installed patches. I'd recommend doing this in staging/development before attempting on live (if you don't have a dev. site follow this guide to create one).

  1. Download the patch files to your computer and upload to the document root of your store (in this case, named
  2. Install the SUPEE-9652 patch,

     cd /microcloud/data/domains/example/domains/

Known issues