26 Jun

FAQ: How does the MageStack WAF compare to commercial products?

"Ask Sonassi" are excerpts taken from email responses to customer enquiries, used to quickly help inform you as a customer Does MageStack's WAF contain reports and information about threats and attacks blocked in a similar manner to Incapsula? Whilst we offer a very comprehensive firewall policy, I’ll be honest, we’re not here to rival Incapsula … Continue reading

30 Apr

Announcing Magento auto-scaling on MageStack

MageStack has always been capable of scaling massively thanks to the amazing flexibility of its container-driven operating system; but it historically relied on two mechanisms for scaling, Our amazing proactive Intensive support team scaling your stack Pre-booking the resource on-demand or ahead of schedule for guaranteed availability But we've now taken it one step further. … Continue reading

6 Apr

Image optimisation, MageStack style

There's a battle for consumer content online, between having beautiful high resolution images and delivering extremely high levels of performance. All too common you'll find websites have the highest resolution, highest quality image possible that has come at the extreme penalty of performance. Wouldn't it be great if you could have both - without teaching … Continue reading

2 Apr

We just supercharged our network

Sonassi has always been proud of its incredibly high performance network, which for years has provided superb up-time, performance and capacity. But despite it being good, it wasn't great, we recognised we could make it even better. We promised that this year we'll be bringing in a series of amazing service upgrades, upgrading our network … Continue reading

27 Feb

Patching Magento SUPEE-10570

SUPEE-10570 is an important security update for Magento to address remote code execution and SQL injection vulnerabilities. Where to download Its best downloading the patch from the Magento.com download section - or via MDA - the Magento download tool (this is what this guide will use). Dependencies SUPEE-9652v2 Applying the patch The application of this … Continue reading

21 Dec

Its that time of year again, we're slowing down for Christmas

Our Christmas Opening Hours During the Christmas and New Year's Holidays, Sonassi will be offering remote technical support from Dec 23rd to Jan 3rd. Office hours technical support will resume regular hours (10 am to 6 pm GMT) beginning Jan 3rd. During these dates, our staff will be operating remotely - calls to our office … Continue reading

7 Dec

Faster performance, better support and broader reach

We set out to achieve eCommerce hosting perfection Almost 10 years ago, I founded Sonassi, where ever since, the team and I have worked tirelessly to build the absolute best eCommerce hosting company possible. I am continuously humbled by the loyal customer relationships we've developed over the years - and it is because of these … Continue reading