Split your Magento sitemap into smaller chunks

We deal with large scale e-commerce stores on a daily basis and a recent fix we had to implement was to allow the sitemap generated to be created in smaller chunks - so not to breach the 50,000 URL or 10MB limitation placed by Google Webmaster tools. We have packaged up this little extension for you and popped it over on Magento connect. The extension is still pending at the moment, but we'll update the link once it is live: Download Sonassi_SitemapChunk »
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  • w

    Well thats what i've been looking for, my question is: when is the stable version comming? Can you tell me how the plugin works and where i van see/set the settings?

    Very much thank you!

  • It is unlikely we'll ever mark it as stable, as we don't intend to develop it to factor in user errors. As long as you adhere to the instructions - it is *stable* - if you deviate, it will not work and could have unpredictable results.

    Sitemap file names must be one of the following 3 when creating the initial sitemap:

    * category_sitemap.xml
    * cms_sitemap.xml
    * products_sitemap.xml

    We recommend deleting your existing sitemaps before starting, then creating the three as above. Generating a sitemap will create multiple "chunks" (or independant files) so that you do not exceed the maximum file size threshold or maximum URL threshold imposed in Google Webmaster Tools and other SEO management applications.

  • G

    I installed, and it doesn't seem to do anything. I created all 3 sitemap names and all it does it create 1 sitemap with those names, not breaking them into smaller ones. What am I doing incorrect