Important Magento Security Update – Zend Platform Vulnerability

We have recently learned of a serious vulnerability in the Zend platform on which Magento is built. This note provides information on how customers can access and install a patch that addresses this issue.

The Issue

The vulnerability potentially allows an attacker to read any file on the web server where the Zend XMLRPC functionality is enabled. This might include password files, configuration files, and possibly even databases if they are stored on the same machine as the Magento web server.


We recommend that all Magento implementations install the latest patch appropriate for your platform:

Magento Enterprise Edition and Professional Edition merchants:

You may access the Zend Security Upgrade patch from Patches & Support for your product in the Downloads section of your Magento account. Account log-in is required.


Magento Community Edition merchants:

Applying the patch via SSH

Here is an example as to how to apply the patch file via SSH for a 1.4 store

cd /home/mystore/public_html
wget -qO - | patch -p0 

Applying the patch by replacing the file

If you are unsure as to how to patch the files using the command line, we have pre-patched the files for the relevant version for your convenience, so you can download the file and replace as effected. We cannot upload the Enterprise patch - but if you get in touch, we would be glad to help.

Community Edition through

Community Edition

Community Edition through

Please note. This is only suitable if you haven't made any modifications to this file.


If the patch cannot be applied immediately, the following instructions can be followed to temporarily disable the RPC functionality that contains the vulnerability. Please be advised, any integrations that rely on the XMLRPC API functionality will no longer work after this workaround is implemented.

  1. On the Magento web server, navigate to the www-root where Magento app files are stored.
  2. In the wwwroot, navigate to /app/code/core/Mage/Api/controllers.
  3. Open XmlrpcController.php for editing.
  4. Comment out or delete the body of the method: public indexAction()
  5. Save the changes.

Additional Notes

Users with existing IDS capability may monitor the RPC interface to watch for attacks. As always, we recommend maintaining an up-to-date installation of the Magento platform as the best way stay secure.

The latest releases of Magento (Community Edition 1.7.02 and Enterprise Edition 1.12.02) incorporate the appropriate patches. please use correct versions of releases and