Speeding up the Magento admin

I've noticed a few people discussing this issue on the Magento Commerce forum, so it might be worthwhile for us to offer a level of assistance (other than the fast Magento hosting we provide already from sonassi hosting).

  1. Downloading the following file, SlowManageCategories.zip patch.
  2. Extract the zip file and copy Sonassi_All.xml to your ./app/etc/modules/ directory.
  3. Copy the SlowManageCategories directory to ./app/code/local/ directory.

SlowManageCategories patch

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  • Ted

    Can you please tell me exactly what this will do? Specifically what part of the backend area this effects.
    Thank You

  • Hi Ted,

    It is the "manage categories" area specifically.

  • Josef

    Hi, could you please tell me, what difference in category editing this script will take effect? I have noticed no difference in speed or appearance in category editing.
    thanks, joe 🙂

    • It is a bug fix for a core-code fault in 1.3 that causes a class to be re-loaded each time an element in the category tree is drawn. The patch fixes that by telling it to use the existing instance.

  • Keith

    Ben- thanks - this is a big improvement on our site with 35k skus!


  • guest


  • Skywire

    Is this still valid with later versions of Magento (namely 1.6/1.7)?