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Regarding Recent Internet Explorer Security Issues

By 19th December 20082 Comments
As you may be aware, a rather large bug was found in Microsoft's Internet Explorer software this week (Full article here). We realise this is a concern for many, and rightly so. Sonassi Media Services recommends using either Mozilla Firefox or Opera to browser the internet if you are on the Windows platform. These browsers are not only more secure, but they are faster, have more features and display websites more accurately. If you are using Internet Explorer 6, we strong recommend you up date to at least Internet Explorer 7, or move to one of these alternative browsers. IE6 is approaching 8 years old, and simply does not provide the facilities modern browsers do - in fact over the coming year many sites will start to remove support. This means you will be unable to access some of the latest features available. Upgrade Now   Related Links: Internet Explorer homepage Mozilla Corporation Opera Software