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Finding all Magento secure URIs

By 20th September 2013September 16th, 2015No Comments

We recently needed to try and identify all HTTPS URI's in a customer's store and had to quickly write a script to scan the core, local and community directories to find any pages that used HTTPS.

This is by no means 100% accurate, but will be a good starter indication of finding URL's that are defined as being secure.

cd app/code/core/Mage
( ack-grep "getUrl(['"]([^("|')]+)['"],([s]+)?array(['"]_secure['"]([s]+)?=>([s]+)?true))" * --output='$1' | while read LINE; do
  FILE=$(echo "$LINE" | cut -f1 -d":")
  URI=$(echo "$LINE" | cut -f3 -d":")

  echo "$URI" | grep -qF '*' 2>/dev/null
  if [[ $? -eq 0 ]]; then

    MODULE=$(echo $FILE | ack-grep "^([^/]+)/" --output='$1')
    CONTROLLER=$(echo $FILE | ack-grep "([^/]+)" --output='$1' | tail -n2 | head -n1 | sed 's/Controller.php//g' | tr '[A-Z]' '[a-z]')

    if [ -f "$CONFIG_FILE" ]; then
      NAMESPACES=( $(cat $CONFIG_FILE | ack-grep "<frontName>(.+)?</frontName>" --output='$1') )
      if [ ${#NAMESPACES[@]} -gt 0 ]; then
        for NAMESPACE in ${NAMESPACES[@]}; do
          echo "$NAMESPACE/$CONTROLLER"

    echo $URI
done ) | sed 's#/$##g' | sort -u