Host M1 stores without the PCI stress – Sonassi Assurance

The TL;DR – Sonassi Assurance provides up to £50,000 warranty against a PCI breach for M1 customers taking best practice steps to secure their store.  This doesn’t make you PCI compliant, but it mitigates the costs of a full PFI investigation, as has been clearly stated by Visa for any M1 store being breached after M1 goes end of life.

Sonassi Assurance

As everyone in the world of Magento knows, Magento1 (M1) is end of life at the end of June.  Everyone should have acknowledged that M1 stores cannot be PCI compliant beyond that date, and those offering hosting packages or patch solutions have made it clear this is a short term strategy before merchants and stores move to a PCI compliant platform.

Assuming the acquiring bank allows the merchant to keep taking card payments, one clear question remains…

How does a merchant mitigate against the risk of heavier fines from a full PFI investigation, should they be caught out with a breach?
Sonassi’s answer to this is ‘Sonassi Assurance’.  In addition to security best practice, our Assurance scheme provides up to £50,000 warranty from a breach.  This means the merchant is covered in the event of a breach of their store.

This programme covers you for all security best practice steps, including:

  • Site vulnerability scanner
  • DDoS protection
  • Deep inspection and malware detection
  • Enhanced WAF
  • Zero day exploit protection
  • Fully managed threat detection and incident response
  • Hosted on the fastest and most secure Magento platform in the world
In short, Sonassi Assurance helps M1 merchants that are concerned about the costs of being breached once PCI compliance is removed after 30 June 2020.

Get in touch with us so we can explain what measures we take to secure, scan, and respond to security threats for your store.