FAQ: Do you have an option to patch Magento

Do you guys have an option where you can carry out the site and server patches

Of course we do, there are varying support plans that are inclusive of expert support like this and others where you can use it ad-hoc.

We spent 7 years building Magento stores, that’s where our expertise comes from and ultimately how we know so much about Magento. So in an emergency, we can provide expert support. But remember that we’re not here for regular development support – and we can’t replace the normal developer relationship that every store owner should have, but we can provide ad-hoc expert support when required.

In terms of generating Magento security awareness, when a patch is released we pro-actively notify customers,

Because we run MageStack, an operating system used by all our customers, we (where possible) put server-side mitigation in place to protect your store - and are able to simultaneously deploy this to thousands of customer stacks; in an instant.

Server management is of course completely standard, we take full and total care of MageStack. Your job is just to focus on selling more on your store.