Announcing Magento auto-scaling on MageStack

MageStack has always been capable of scaling massively thanks to the amazing flexibility of its container-driven operating system; but it historically relied on two mechanisms for scaling,

  1. Our amazing proactive Intensive support team scaling your stack
  2. Pre-booking the resource on-demand or ahead of schedule for guaranteed availability

But we've now taken it one step further.

Announcing Magento Autoscaling on MageStack

You asked for it, we've launched it. Sonassi labs has been busy building this functionality for you, so that your stack can scale up, on-demand. We're very aware that not every high-traffic situation can be planned; time and time again we see stores go viral or have celebrity endorsed products that result in a sudden, unexpected surge of traffic.

If you knew the traffic was coming, odds are that you would have planned ahead, added an overflow-server and let the stack's overflow auto-provisioning take care of the rest. But there are times where you can't predict the traffic and that's where auto-scaling fits in.

How does it work

Log into your support portal, pick the stack you want to auto-scale and enable the feature,

Then, so that you can avoid nasty unexpected bills, you can set a limit as to how many overflows should be provisioned in a month. You get to chose your limit, and once you hit it - you'll be notified so that you can make an informed decision as to whether to scale further.

Then, sit back, relax and let your stack do the hard work. Using powerful machine learning algorithms, your stack will monitor itself, looking at current load and predict its future load over the next 15 minutes.

The moment load starts to legitimately creep up, fitting a series of conditions to validate that an overflow is required, autoscaling occurs and the event is logged in your control panel. Its that simple

Enough already, I'm sold, what's the cost?

Free. 100% free; its yet another amazing feature provided as standard on MageStack.

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