A new look for 2011 and a look back at Sonassi.com

You might have noticed our site has changed a bit from our pastel green to a sky blue, we're still the same company and still dedicate ourselves to Magento, but time demanded a new look.

We've had a few different revisions of sonassi.com throughout the years, aiming to keep our brand fresh - usually with a change about every 6 months. But looking back, although at the peak of design at the time, they look awful to look back on!

  • Revision 1 (July 2008)
    Sonassi revision 1
  • Revision 2 (Dec 2008)
    Sonassi revision 2
  • Revision 3 (Feb 2009)
    Sonassi revision 3
  • Revision 4 (June 2009)
    Sonassi revision 4
  • Revision 5 (Nov 2009)
    Sonassi revision 5
  • Revision 6 (Feb 2011)
    Sonassi revision 6

  • I must say that you guys have come a long way in terms of design which is action oriented, more pleasant and doesn't have the necessary ingredients of a complex looking layout. What's best is that you have shared it with everyone. Congrats Phill for designing this great layout and i really liked the cartoon faces you have created for you Ben and Francois.

    Keep it up!

    • Don't congratulate Phil - this was my handywork 😛