Changing default PHP CLI version

Table of ContentsAccess server Domain group Displaying access server default PHP Selecting access server default PHPMageStack comes complete with all versions of PHP installed and usable as standard - and the version of PHP may vary depending on the scope … Continue reading

Adding an SFTP user

Table of ContentsExamples Create user Remove userAdding a SFTP user is performed via SSH. Log into your acc server and switch user to root su -l root /microcloud/scripts_ro/ -h There are a number of options that can be supplied to … Continue reading

Installing NodeJS

Table of ContentsInstallation Installing NodeJS Removing a NodeJS version Removing NVMMageStack natively supports NodeJS and provides an installer for Node Version Manager (NVM) to enable you to easily install and switch between NodeJS versions. ! The following should be run … Continue reading

Patching SUPEE-8788

Table of ContentsWhere to download Dependencies SUPEE-8788 requirements Applying the patch Known issues Patches fail to apply on SWF filesSUPEE-8788 is an important security update for Magento to address remote code execution and SQL injection vulnerabilities. Unfortunately, Magento have released … Continue reading

Reduce Magento MySQL usage using compression

Table of ContentsDatabase bloat Truncate on dump/clone Some tables do need to be retained though Performance with compression Let the compression begin Compressing De-compressing FAQsMost Magento production stores have a few clones used for development purposes; be it UAT, staging, … Continue reading