Managing users on your support account

Table of ContentsAdding a user to your account Removing a user from your accountUsers can be managed through the Users section on ! Only account owners or Users with the User role can manage users on an account. Adding … Continue reading

User roles

Table of ContentsRoles summary Suggested roles for users E-Commerce manager Head Developer Developer Accounting/BillingThe following article contains a summary of user roles, what they do and a list of suggested roles for users on your account. Roles summary Role Purpose … Continue reading

RabbitMQ Administration

Table of ContentsSetup Accessing the administration panel SupervisorThe stack includes native support for RabbitMQ. Setup To enable it, use the following configuration settings within Magento: Host: queue1.i Port: 5672 If you have multiple servers, the host value will change too … Continue reading

Venia PWA Configuration

Table of ContentsMagento (Venia) PWA configuration Nginx/VHost configuration (Magento on different domain) Potential dependency issues with later versions of NPM (7+)Magento (Venia) PWA configuration Change to your VHost directory, in this example we use that is part of the … Continue reading

Deity Falcon Configuration

Table of ContentsCreating a new Falcon install Frontend app configuration GraphQL server configruation Save PM2 configuration Nginx/VHost configuration (Magento hosted on another domain/VHost)First ensure that you have installed NodeJS and PM2 as per here Creating a new Falcon install Change … Continue reading

Preparing NodeJS and PM2

Table of ContentsInstall Node Version Manager Install NodeJS Install PM2 Upgrading NodeJS version/PM2 Next Steps:Install Node Version Manager As www-data install NVM by using the /microcloud/scripts/ Install NodeJS We will use NVM to install the latest Node LTS version: source … Continue reading

Announcing Accelerated HTTP2

Table of ContentsWhat does HTTP/2 mean for me Multiplexing How do I use HTTP/2 Enough already, I'm sold, when can I start using it?MageStack's powerful and free CDN has supported HTTP/2 for a long while now, but its a feature … Continue reading

Changing default PHP CLI version

Table of ContentsAccess server Domain group Displaying access server default PHP Selecting access server default PHP Auto selecting PHP version based on domain-groupMageStack comes complete with all versions of PHP installed and usable as standard - and the version of … Continue reading

Adding an SFTP user

Table of ContentsExamples Create user Remove user Change a users passwordAdding a SFTP user is performed via SSH. Log into your acc server and switch user to root su -l root /microcloud/scripts_ro/ -h There are a number of options that … Continue reading