Debugging mail delivery

Table of ContentsCheck if PHP is sending mails Magento is misconfigured Mail quality issues (DNS, SPAM etc.) Viewing mail logsIf you find that emails aren't being delivered, there are some basics to check first to rule out your application and … Continue reading

Patching Magento SUPEE-10752

Table of ContentsWhere to download Dependencies Applying the patch Known issuesSUPEE-10752 is an important security update for Magento to address remote code execution and SQL injection vulnerabilities. Where to download Its best downloading the patch from the download section … Continue reading

Changing billing information

You can update your billing contact details using your account in the support portal. Log in and select your customer reference from the drop down in the top-right corner, Select edit from the drop down Enter your new billing information … Continue reading

Configuring auto-scaling

Table of ContentsEnabling auto-scaling Overflow CreditsYou can now enable auto-scaling on your stack, giving you full control over how many overflows are provisioned at any time, how many are provisioned within a single month and how long they should be … Continue reading

FAQ: What is the architecture of MageStack

Table of ContentsStarting with an overview Types of hosting for scalable PHP applications Traditional VPS Hosting MageStack Where are the containers running? The access server Overflow servers Large scale visibility, small scale risk Fully micro-service based architecture ... on dedicated … Continue reading

Announcing MageStack GUI

Table of ContentsAnnouncing MageStack GUI Taking MageStack to a truly devops oriented platform Enough already, I'm sold, when can I start using it?MageStack is a truly powerful platform; providing native load balancing, high availability, massive horizontal and vertical scaling. But … Continue reading

Announcing Magento auto-scaling on MageStack

Table of ContentsAnnouncing Magento Autoscaling on MageStack How does it work Enough already, I'm sold, what's the cost?MageStack has always been capable of scaling massively thanks to the amazing flexibility of its container-driven operating system; but it historically relied on … Continue reading

Implementing CDN

Table of ContentsTransferring DNS Enable CDN Configuring your applicationSonassi provide a high performance CDN as standard with MageStack that you can take advantage of, with no additional cost. There's a few prerequisites to get set up where this article will … Continue reading

Why add a CDN to your eCommerce store

Table of ContentsWhat is a CDN How can a CDN help improve ... Performance Bandwidth Consumption Enough already, I'm sold, what's the cost?MageStack comes with a number of options for going global; using one of our 25 worldwide data-centres or … Continue reading