Installing SSL Certificates

Table of ContentsPurchasing InstallingPurchasing If you require an SSL certificate, read this article. Installing If you have purchased an SSL certificate from Sonassi, we will take care of the installation on your behalf, from certificate signing to final installation and … Continue reading

502 Bad Gateway

Table of Contents502 Bad Gateway Resolution 502 Bad Gateway MageStack Bad Gateway errors occur when the PHP process has not responded "normally". This is often for the following reasons, PHP code error Badly written PHP code that crashes the PHP … Continue reading

Healthy Disk Utilisation

Table of ContentsViewing utilisationPlease ensure you pay attention to your disk utilisation, Over 50% utilisation risks performance degradation Over 80% utilisation risks downtime Over 90% utilisation risk data loss It is important to ensure you are not exceeding these thresholds … Continue reading

Image Optimiser

Table of ContentsExamples Running a lossless optimise on a single directory Running a lossy optimise on a single directory Running optimise on multiple directories Running optimise via cronThere is a native tool in MageStack to losslessly optimise images. This means … Continue reading

Domains Disk Utilisation

The disk utilisation log can be found in the log directory, under the respective parent server name, and dated for each day: Eg. /microcloud/logs_ro/dh1/disk-domains-2015-08-10.log.gz It provides a breakdown of total utilsation, followed by a list of the largest files in … Continue reading

Observing Cron Status

Table of ContentsEnabling cron visualisation Viewing cron activityPlease note that the script and Aoe_Scheduler module can only be used with Magento 1 stores. For Magento 2 stores, there are other alternative modules such as magento2-CronjobManager. On a standard Magento … Continue reading

Cache Management

Table of ContentsMode Production stores Development/Staging stores Warning on cache management Admin notices 3rd party cache modulesIn Magento caches exist to reduce hardware utilisation for frequently requested content. The admin is never cached The frontend utilises many different caches The … Continue reading

Index Management

Table of ContentsMode Production stores Magento 1 only Development/Staging stores Warning on manual reindexing Admin notices 3rd party indexing modulesIn Magento there is a complex relationship between the data stored in the admin and what is presented on the frontend. … Continue reading