Reset File Permissions

Table of ContentsBasic permissions Advanced permissions Enable advanced permissions Disable advanced permissions Using hooks Examples Basic: Reset permissions for Advanced: Reset permissions for all domains-groups/vhosts Using a post-completion script for WordPress UploadsMageStack provides extremely consistent file permissions across all … Continue reading

Securing your Magento Store

Magento is a secure application out-of-the-box, but it should be supplemented by further measures to ensure it is as secure as possible. Below is a series of steps on securing/hardening your Magento store. Do not use the root account or … Continue reading

Audit Logging

Table of Contents/microcloud/logs_ro Mini report Daily email notificationMageStack performs a number of different automated audits for security purposes, this includes access, file changes and PHP code differentials. The data is stored in the logs directory for the respective host it … Continue reading

Securely running cron tasks

Table of ContentsRunning custom tasks Examples Re Index every X hoursThe isolation of web server and access server in MageStack provides excellent security for your SSH/FTP (access) environment from that of the web. The automated element that connects the web … Continue reading

Implementing CloudFlare/Incapsula

Table of ContentsCaveat emptorCloudFlare and Incapsula are a popular utilities for providing website secrecy, content delivery and DOS (denial of service) mitigation. MageStack natively supports these services, no server-side configuration is required to facilitate correct pass through of IP addresses. … Continue reading

dDos Mitigation Active

Table of ContentsSorry Resolution Sorry We've detected too many requests coming from your IP address and as a result you have been temporarily blocked until your traffic subsides. Please try again within the next few minutes. If you believe you … Continue reading

Page Load Timeout

Table of ContentsSorry Resolution Sorry We've been unable to load the page you requested in a timely manner; this may be because the server might be a little busy, or your request is taking longer to load than permitted. Please … Continue reading

Firewall access rules

Table of ContentsWhitelisting Port forwardingMageStack has an exhaustive 3-tier firewall policy that provides superb security and protection for your stack and store. However, in some cases, it may be necessary to bypass some of these security measures for trusted hosts. … Continue reading

Request Tagging and categorisation

Table of ContentsExamplesWeb requests that come in to the load balancer are classified into two different categories based on the URI. Following categorisation, requests are then tagged to denote the area in which they belong. All requests will be first … Continue reading

Purging PageSpeed

Table of ContentsPurging Purge single URL Purge entire cache Multi web serverPageSpeed as a rule will maintain its own cache contents, updating the entries as necessary. As with any cache, it isn't recommended to manually clear the cache - as … Continue reading