Remote backup

Remote backups operate as an extension of your server's local backups. When your local backups have completed running, the remote backup server will clone your local backups. Your remote backup storage is kept for the same period of time as … Continue reading

Offsite/long-term log storage

We provide a service for long term long storage, stored remotely from your server. This may be a necessity for your PCI compliance regulations (it is common to have to store at least 90 days log files for auditing). This … Continue reading

Identifying current document root disk space

So that we can quote accurately, its important that we know how much disk space you are currently consuming for your Magento store's document root. Fortunately, you can quickly find out and serve us the information we need by running … Continue reading

Pre-Defined Server Variables

Table of ContentsVariablesMageStack has a number of predefined server variables ($_SERVER) that you can utilise for adding additional functionality, debugging or logging. A key benefit is that we accelerate some functionality in the OS itself, such as GeoIP lookups; which … Continue reading

404 Fallback

Table of ContentsDynamic Files Static ContentIn MageStack, the 404 fallback mechanism revolves around the bootstrap of Magento (index.php). Dynamic Files When working in the context of dynamic files, there is no such thing as a server generated 404 page - … Continue reading

Optimal PageSpeed Configuration

Table of ContentsDisclaimer Configuration Magento 1 Magento 2 CDN Activation TroubleshootingDisclaimer Please note that we'd generally recommend using optimization techniques from Cloudflare (WebP image conversion for example) rather than Pagespeed, particularly so with Magento 2 stores. We've found that Pagespeed … Continue reading

Debugging with PHP Access logs

The PHP access logs have been customised to include additional MageStack information for debugging. A typical access log entry will look like this, - - 10/Jul/2014:22:27:49 +0100 "GET /index.php" 200 The default format is "%R - %u %t "%m %r" … Continue reading

Installing n98-magerun

Table of ContentsRunning in a Wrapper InstallationMageStack natively supports n98-magerun and comes with a built in installer for the tool, so that you can easily and quickly start administering your Magento store by command line. Running in a Wrapper As … Continue reading