Implementing Sphinx

Table of ContentsSphinx Configuration Details SphinxQL Configuration Details Sphinx configuration file locations Mirasvit Sphinx module Default Sphinx configuration Using Variables in Configuration fileMageStack natively supports Sphinx, though we would recommend Elasticsearch for most stores as it is more straightforward to … Continue reading

Using Google Pagespeed

MageStack offers native support for Google Pagespeed and it can be enabled with a simple addition to your ___general/example.conf configuration file. pagespeed on; After that, you can define any of the Pagespeed supported options, you can find a detailed list … Continue reading

Using WordPress Multi User (WPMU)

In order to use WordPress with its multi-blog functionality, you need to apply a few rewrite rules to support it. Normally, WordPress would use .htaccess format rules, so these need translating into Nginx format. Here is an example if your … Continue reading