Implementing cron for Magento 1

Table of ContentsSetting up the crontab Using the whitelist/blacklist Examples Re Index every X hours Prune Redis every X hoursUsing the enhanced wrapper The default Magento wrapper has some limitations, as it doesn't support email alerts or logging; … Continue reading

Protecting Magento admin/downloader/api/rss

Table of ContentsEnabling protection globally Accounting for custom admin URLs/routes Toggle protection by condition Toggle protection mode by IP Toggle protection mode by user agent Toggle protection mode by cookieIts possible to protect your Magento admin and Magento Connect (downloader) … Continue reading

Using PHP GeoIP

Table of ContentsEnabling GeoIP Using native GeoIP Included databasesEnabling GeoIP By default, the PHP GeoIP extension is disabled on MageStack (to prevent conflicts if you are using class-based GeoIP libraries). We can enable this on a server-by-server basis, so contact … Continue reading