IP Address provisioning

Table of ContentsAdditional IPsWe provide a minimum of 6 IP addresses (/29), the reason for this is to facilitate a redundant gateway. Currently we utilise VRRP, which requires 3x IP addresses to be allocated to the routing device (out of … Continue reading

Standard firewall policy

Table of ContentsStateless edge firewall Software firewall Web application firewallAs we're a Magento only hosting provider, it means that we have not just tailored our servers specifically for Magento - but also our entire network too. Because of this, we … Continue reading

Identifying current MySQL disk space

So that we can quote accurately, its important that we know how much MySQL disk space you are currently consuming for your Magento store. Fortunately, you can quickly find out and serve us the information we need by running the … Continue reading

Invoice cycles and billing dates

Whenever an invoice is raised for your hosting, it will contain two dates, a due date and cycle date. We do not pro-rate invoices, as they are not for any specific month, but for the 28-31 day period from which … Continue reading

504 Gateway Timeout

Table of ContentsDefault timeouts Common issues Poorly written/slow PHP code Locked session Excessive traffic/high load Blocking requests Incorrectly tagged trafficThis is caused by the load balancer being unable to obtain a request from a web server in a reasonable amount … Continue reading

HDD Sizing, disk space and partitioning

Table of Contents2 Drive configuration examples 4 Drive configuration examples 6 Drive configuration examples 12 Drive configuration examples 16 Drive configuration examplesSonassi will partition disks with the following proportions. These partitions are of static proportion, regardless of disk size / … Continue reading

The importance of monitoring 404 errors

Table of ContentsConfiguring a 404 error page for static content Configuring a 404 error page for dynamic content Finding 404 errors Via KibanaMunin will graph any virtualhost 404 errors, as well as the centralised logging - which is a very … Continue reading

Adding an FTP user

Table of ContentsFTP User Management Creating a new FTP user Deleting a FTP userFTP User Management Creating a new FTP user Log in and select stacks from the menu, Select the stack you want to administer, Select "FTP Accounts" from … Continue reading

Purging the Redis cache via CLI

Table of ContentsDefault instances To flush all databases To flush a single databaseUsing telnet, you can execute remote commands on the Redis daemon; being able to flush database by command line can be essential if your Magento access is somehow … Continue reading