Sonassi has changed!

Welcome to the new and improved To focus our attention better, our hosting and development have split into two separate websites. Over the coming weeks, we will be changing a lot about our services to make them more affordable, more streamlined and much faster! Our aim is to become the best Magento development and hosting company in the UK. Manchester Design and development So you can find the latest design and development information @ Manchester Magento Hosting You can can find the best performance Magento hosting @ The new websites also facilitate the new client area @

Magento Version Security Update

As of Wednesday September 23, 2009, Varien have released a security update covering XSS vulnerabilities. We recommend all users upgrade to the latest version to protect their stores – but please remember to backup prior to an upgrade!. Backing up your store is extremely quick and easy, there are two methods, manually via Sonassi domain backup tool and SSH or using Magento’s built-in backup tool. We would recommend the manual option. Generating a manual Magento backup Step 1) Log into the client area, select “Disk” from the menu, and scroll to the lower portion of the page to select the domain you wish to backup    A visual guide can be found here Step 2) Log into your SSH account    A visual guide can be found here Step 3) Enter the following commands, modifying database, username, password and database_host with your own information. $# cd /backups/ $# database="DATABASE_NAME" $# … Continue reading

Return google search to smaller sized boxes

This week, Google updated their homepage to incorporate a large style search box and button. However, this change does not sit well with every user. We decided to knock up a little CSS override script that will return Google to its former glory. /* Google override */ .lst { font-size:12px !important; } .lsb { font-size:12px !important; height: 20px !important; margin: 2px 2px 0px 5px !important; } .gac_d {font-size: 10px !important; } .gac_m { font-size:14px !important; } Save this as custom.css and load into your favourite browser as a custom stylesheet. In Safari, this is located under Safari->Preferences->Advanced->Stylesheet. For Mozilla Firefox users, you can either follow this guide, or install the user stylesheet extension UPDATE: Thanks to Lance for pointing out that firefox users can also use this greasemonkey script

Magento benchmark performance results are in – sonassi is still the fastest

MageBenchmark (Magento Benchmark) was launched as planned on Monday August 31st. After every single Magento host was painstakingly contacted, few actually replied and felt they were up to the challenge. Those brave Magento web hosts, from Sonassi in Manchester as far as Magento E-Commerce in China, were tested and without further ado, here is the unOfficial Magento Benchmark performance results: Sonassi consistently performed best for the first four classes of 1,2,5 and 10 concurrent users, based on a trading window of 8 hours per day, that is a sustainable load of 288,888 requests. ProContractors and ActiveVPS did equally well and performed very positively in the 20 and 30 concurrent users bracket. After Sonassi just re-invested a vast amount of time and money into new hardware; the hosting product range will exclusively be Magento hosting and nothing else, we are only going to get better. If Magento is the platform for … Continue reading